Face paint kits

On the central site there is a collection of cosmetics for exposing, about the introduction of other sets, they were known on the ear of the 90s. The standard is the consistency of looking behind the curvatures – the cleansing, piling, toning and vitality, as well as the preconditioning of the zoning factors. For a cutaneous vikonannya z tsikh stages, a special system is required. Obviously, it is possible to complete the necessary set independently, vibrating to reveal the collection of different brands, but in such a way there can be a variety of foldable ones.

The current product has a low-component recipe, and in the formula, there are often warehouses that are similar in designation to different brands, which can be disgustingly similar to each other, so that this interaction can lead to unnecessary loads of services, such as But in most cases, the stench simply neutralizes one or the other and does not allow the result to be rejected.


Face paint kit

The sets are always molded within the catalog of one brand and a number of rewagons:

  • the price is lower, lower is the price of kupuvati kozen with okremo;
  • original registration immediately and transfer this option to the category of gifts;
  • general harmony of aromas and textures;
  • The possibility of vibrating as I will turn the version with a great volume of bottles, as well as road options in a mini-format.

In their minds, it was clear that they were so scared, they simply fell to the side of their guilt and made him more effective.

Proponation of the transformation of important duets, as it is necessary to pick only from the collection of one brand:

  • Thank you for cleansing and toning. Gel, mus or pina for the reduction of fat and obstruction, or for the loss of surplus of surface-active speech, as it leads to the finalization of the nutritive effect, and a thinner of pH neutralization and normalization. The products of the growing virobniks cannot harmoniously grow, and this means that the process of cleansing will not be repeated.
  • Creme that sirovatki. Tsi zasobi є with each other and it is practical to depend on vikoristovuyutsya spіlnogo. Whether it is a syrovatka, it is a complex of active acids, extracts, vitamins, which will quickly paint the shkiri’s body, and the cream will close and serve as a finishing touch.
  • Day and night cream. The whole tandem is totally guilty of the mother of the spirit, which is responsible for your type of shkiri. Get some new brands to wipe out a negative reaction from a vigilante of an allergy or a failure to see it. Nichny cream is about a third of the active components, so the insanity of the day option can lead to swelling and sagging, especially in the ranks of the year.

Collect cosmetics to expose you can not only revenge, but rather the same products for a glance. Most often masks, plasters, accessories for make-up removal. It is also possible to proponyuyutsya sets of decorative products with special reminders. For packing, donate boxes, cardboard bags.

You can replace a set of cosmetics with no koshtovaya delivery in a multi-regional online store.

Even in ancient times, people used the technique of applying images to faces. Today, thanks to safe and high-quality materials, it is possible to depict the most original pumpkin face paint ideas and pictures. Face painting has a significant indicator of durability and at the same time can be easily washed off with ordinary soapy water.

Face painting composition of paint is made, water-based and easy to use. To work with it, a brush and a sponge are enough to apply colorful drawings. The painting technique is similar to watercolors. Due to this make-up, ideas for a holiday and for entertainment are easily embodied. He will help set and show any mood of an adult and a child.

Face painting kit

Face painting composition of paint is absolutely safe for children. It has a pleasant smell and contains only natural ingredients. Paint pigments are mixed with water and glycerin, natural polymers. This composition allows the make-up to fit perfectly over the body and draw the thinnest lines. Application can be done in one or two coats, for the most unusual color changes.

Face painting composition of paint can be used independently in addition to decorative elements. The most spectacular and fabulous additions are rhinestones and sparkles. All kids will like such an unforgettable image.

The face painting is released in the following versions:

  • Dry mixes. Used at the request of an adult and a child. Such products are made on a palette in paint. In dry formulations, a large gamut pleases. Many rainbow colors are mixed at the same time.
  • Makeup with water and oil base. These options are ideal for working with babies from three to five years old. The composition is applied and washed off as quickly as possible. It is very actively used for parties of a certain theme and children’s matinees.
  • Face painting in the form of children’s tattoos. Presented by ready-made patterns and do not require skills to apply. The main thing is to follow the instructions.

The rules for choosing face painting

It is necessary to be sure that the face painting is harmless, since it will have close contact with the skin.

When purchasing face painting, you must take into account the following parameters:

Release format. To decorate a restless baby, you need to interest him. Therefore, the emphasis should be on paints in crayons and cuvettes.

Product quality. Particular attention should be paid to smell, consistency. All colors and smells of high-quality face painting are natural.


Age category

Components. Study the elements in the composition very strictly. Synthetic flavors are unacceptable.

Number of colors. The variety of the palette includes at least six options. A larger amount will help create the most intense pictures on the body and face.

For self-application, you need to take into account the following features and stages of staining:

Make-up is best done in a circular motion. Direct strokes, when dry, are striking.

To draw, you need to remove all hair from the face. For this, an ordinary scarf or a special tone is applied, which is applied to the face with a sponge.

Close attention should be paid to each fold and relief of the skin, clear lines should be drawn exclusively on the basic tone. Then the finished idea will look harmonious.

To shorten the drawing period, you can use specially designed stencils.

Face painting composition of paint is a multifunctional water-based composition, to create not only a picture, but also a good mood for every baby. Suitable for recreational activities and independent leisure.