So what is the beauty of this kind of drawings? Let’s take a look at all the advantages of this drawing method together in order.

First, such drawings are made without a brush. Quite frankly, a face painting brush costs a lot more than a sponge. Better to say that purchasing a sponge (even with a stencil) will cost you less than a face painting brush. Definitely, this is a very big plus.

Secondly, this drawing technique is considered the simplest. Which, by the way, is well deserved. Whatever one may say, but the most difficult elements in face painting are elements made with a brush. But, as we found out earlier, the brush is not used in this technique. Awesome, right?

Third, you only need two paint colors, or splitcake and one paint color. Just think, for such bright and simple drawings, you can get by with paints in a minimal set. This means that this is, again, cost savings. In my opinion, this is just great.

Fourthly, even a child can draw such drawings. And, even more incredible, on his own face! Of course, if you first practice, for example, on the arm.

Fifth, you don’t need any schematics. Imagine, everything is so simple that the whole drawing process takes literally a few seconds.

Is it difficult for you to believe that everything is so simple? Then watch the video. This is where the whole drawing process is visible.

Every little child loves to imagine himself in the form of a cartoon hero or other fairy-tale character. Girls often want to be gentle and romantic, like real fairy princesses. Boys, on the other hand, often imitate strong and brave superheroes and rescuers. This becomes especially important during children’s parties and matinees, as well as when visiting a park or circus. To make children’s wishes come true, parents are increasingly resorting to face painting services. It can easily become an alternative to a festive costume or an original component of the image.

Is face painting safe for a child

Face painting is a set of water-based paints and the necessary tools for applying paints to the face:

  • brushes (wide and thin);
  • sponge or sponge made from natural materials;
  • stencils for creating various small patterns on the face.

Many adults, seeing a happy painted child’s face, are often worried about the safety of face painting for the skin, about the ease of its removal, about the possibility of allergic reactions to dyes.

Most manufacturers of face paints and make-up artists themselves assure that this children’s game is absolutely harmless, that the paints are non-toxic, do not stain clothes and are unable to cause an allergic reaction even with prolonged contact with the child’s skin. You can wash off face painting simply with warm soapy water.

Contraindications to face painting

Despite the fact that face painting is made with high-quality hypoallergenic paints, there are a number of contraindications.

Face painting should be discarded if there are rashes or wounds on the child’s skin.

Children under three years old. This is because they are small and simply cannot sit and wait for the master to do his job. If you really want to, you can simply decorate your face with a flower, snowflake or spider.

You should not risk it if you experience allergic reactions. To play it safe, you need to apply paint to the back of your hand. If there are no problems, you can safely start painting your face.

General recommendations for applying face painting

Face painting requires simple rules. For example, you can draw it not with absolutely any paints, but with specially designed ones. These do not cause allergies, do not spoil baby skin.

Necessary materials

The main material is the paints themselves. Everything else is tools and accessories to create the desired look. This is the list of required materials.

General recommendations

Armed with everything you need, you can start working on the embodiment of the desired image.

Important: draw only what the child wants, without imposing his desires and preferences on him.

The creation of a picture on the face requires adherence to certain stages:

  • choice of character or artistic elements required for the image;
  • applying a base of paint diluted in water to the face with a sponge or sponge;
  • outlining the contours and volumetric details (mustache, nose, ears, wings of the nose);
  • adding sparkles if necessary.

The master performing the work must constantly interact with the child, because the process of applying face painting is quite long and not every kid will be able to sit still for a long time. It is very good if the child observes the change in his face in the mirror. All stages must be performed accurately and quickly, as the paints dry almost instantly.

Important: the drawing is always done from top to bottom (forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks, chin). The brush and sponge must be kept straight to prevent the paint from spreading over the face.

Step-by-step face painting workshops for children at home

Face painting masters are frequent guests of children’s parties, not only in entertainment centers, but also at home. Happy children run around with different faces, and parents have to pay. Is it possible to master this simple art form without having a special art education and outstanding drawing skills? Answer: it is possible and even necessary.

First you need to purchase high-quality paints to be sure of their safety for the child. There are a large number of step-by-step workshops on the creation of children’s face painting on the Internet. You can master face painting without waiting for a holiday or a special occasion – children will only be happy.

Important: you need to start with the simplest drawings, gradually filling your hand.

I am a duck – a fish – a hedgehog! It is convenient for novice make-up artists to work with a common base, with which you can create several characters. You need to take a wide brush and apply white paint on the bridge of the nose, as well as on the areas between the nose and upper lip. Then blend it with a sponge. The tip of the nose is drawn in black, from it – a vertical strip to the upper lip. The outline is also black. Cheeks are obtained. Dots and antennae can be applied to them, and then you can vary. If you want to draw a bunny, then you need to add two white rectangles, thus depicting teeth. Make the muzzle pink, leaving the cheeks and the area around the bridge of the nose white. With the help of black paint, characteristic strokes are applied.If the child sees himself in the form of a cat, you can outline the face in any suitable color, highlighting the ears above the eyebrows and making a bright tongue.

The fantasy is endless here. So you can draw a squirrel, tiger or mouse, choosing the necessary colors and characteristic details.

Butterflies are flowers. This is one of the favorite themes among girls. It is not difficult even for beginners to make such a magical drawing. Around the child’s eyes, it is necessary to apply and shade a basic tone that resembles the wings of a butterfly as much as possible. The bridge and forehead act as the head and antennae, and the body itself is located along the line of the nose. With the help of strokes, patterns are applied, giving the butterfly lightness and airiness.

Batman or Spiderman. This is a very popular theme among many boys, which parents can easily embody on the faces of their children and feel like real superheroes in the end. The head and torso are drawn on the nose and bridge of the nose, and the yellow moon – an obligatory detail of the image – is located on the forehead. Subtle light strokes will help to revive the drawing. It turns out such a mask, only from paints. In order to draw a spider-man it will take only a few minutes. You just need to paint over half of the face in red and draw the black threads of the cobweb with a thin brush. The use of white will complement the design.

Instead of a conclusion

The process of applying face painting to a child’s face does not require much effort and professionalism. With practice, many parents will cope with this task. As a result, both children and adults will be satisfied. In addition to the money saved for the services of the master, everyone will receive positive emotions from communicating with each other and from the result of the work done.