Apply white paint with a wide brush to the areas between the nose and upper lip. Paint the tip of the nose with a black brush, then draw a strip to the upper lip, circle it and round it up. We got cheeks! We can apply dots and antennae on them. We paint the bridge of the nose white and shade it a little so that there are no sharp borders.

The basic base is ready, now we can draw several animals with their own distinctive features.


Any color is suitable for it (in our case, blue). We apply paint on the face along the contour, without capturing the eyes, draw the ears above the eyebrows. Now we will draw a red tongue on the lower lip, and with black emphasize the fur and ears. The eyes were not captured on purpose, as in some children, this area of  the body is very sensitive and should not be painted on.

Little hare

What is the most important characteristic of a hare? Right, teeth, so let’s draw them on the lower lip. Let’s draw a white rectangle. We mark the teeth in black, draw a butterfly-shaped contour (where its “wings” will be the ears of a bunny) and paint over (everything except the cheeks). Draw the fur using black paint and a thin brush. Now cover the cheeks with white paint and blend a little with a sponge.

You can think of the characteristic features of animals yourself: for example, a mouse has a gray color, small teeth and a small tongue, a lynx will look like a cat, only orange, and there will be tassels on the ears, etc.

Variety of colorful images in photos

You can expect a huge number of funny dog  faces walking the streets and squares in late December – early January. Of course, in the Year of the Dog, children’s matinees, performances will be dedicated mainly to these smart animals. However, the New Year, as a winter holiday, will not do without Santa Claus and Snegurochka, Snowflakes, Snowstorms, Zimushka-winter – characters painted in a winter theme.

In print and online publications, photos of images are presented, among which children can pick up those who are close in spirit and mood. New Year’s face painting is:

  • galleries of dog faces, funny and sad, funny and serious;
  • characters of fairy tales and stories;
  • familiar heroes of fairy tales for kids;
  • bright butterflies, baleen cats, red foxes and spotted lynxes;
  • familiar doll faces of Barbie, Mashenka, bully boys;
  • pirates of all kinds and degrees of intimidation.

A fun and entertaining addition to any children’s party – face painting for children – a unique opportunity to make a fairy tale come true, in a matter of minutes transforming into a princess, fairy, butterfly, pirate, tiger, cat, spider-man, batman or any other fairytale hero. Face painting is a real little miracle, a drop of magic that will make the children’s party bright and unforgettable. The most interesting thing is that children like not only the final result, but also the very process of transformation, which they watch with open mouths, wondering how their favorite fairy-tale characters come to life under the brush, and they will not wait for their turn.

Step-by-step master class

After the decision has been made, the image of which character or animal will be drawn on the face, it is necessary to acquire a stencil for this drawing. You can make face painting at home using popular schemes. The drawing is selected depending on who the image is applied to. Face painting for boys is always courageous, and sometimes frightening. The most popular drawings for guys:

First of all, you need to choose materials and schemes to make face painting for children. A master class on drawing a tiger includes the following steps:

Take orange paint for tone and paint the entire face of the baby, except for the place under the nose and in the area of  the eyebrows, for which white paint is needed.

With the help of black, horizontal lines are drawn on the forehead, cheeks and from the inner line of the eyes.

In the area of  the face, painted in white, the image of antennae, eyelashes and fangs is applied with black paint. The tiger’s face is ready.

Batman is very popular among boys. Such a drawing is quite easy to perform:

  • You will need black paint to draw the contour of the wings around the eyes, which is then painted over.
  • The hero’s torso is the nose and part of the forehead, painted in black.
  • On the upper part of the forehead, a semicircle of the moon is depicted in yellow paint.
  • The final step is to apply a white outline.

Face painting for girls implies delicate and colorful drawings. Young Ladies’ Choice:

  • If the baby has chosen butterfly face painting, then the following steps should be taken
  • The bright base is applied around the eyes in the form of wings. The color is purple, blue, yellow or pink.
  • The child’s nose is the body of a butterfly, and the head with antennae is drawn between the eyebrows.
  • Any dark paint is applied to the contour, the wings are highlighted with wide strokes.
  • Additionally, rhinestones and sequins are used.

Face painting for beginners includes very simple drawings. It can be a dog, a cat, a bunny, a chanterelle, a squirrel, a lion, a dragon, or a season such as autumn. It is enough to take one lesson and you can already please the child with your creativity.