The term face painting consists of 2 components: aqua – water and make-up – the art of changing the appearance by applying specialized paints to the face in strict accordance with the planned theatrical image. “Face painting” assumes make-up, water-based.

Professional face painting during the holidays

Face painting is a great opportunity to engage children on a children’s holiday, for the reason that it is entertaining not only for the person who is making up, but also for absolutely everyone else to watch how stunning images of heroes and characters of fairy tales arise from ordinary strokes and curls. Aqua makeup is also a striking alternative to a carnival outfit, and an excellent opportunity to create a real theatrical style is often used in children’s performances and benefit performances, in performances and in concerts of peculiar dance societies. With aqua makeup, holidays are 3 and a half times more colorful and 5 times more fun!

If you have already learned how to draw face painting

You can buy TAG face painting for children and adults from us. Hypoallergenic paints especially for the face. The Australian company TAG produces paints and face painting kits, both for the use of professional face painting artists and for those who are going to paint face masks on their own.

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Face painting differs from ordinary makeup in the freest structure and does not clog pores, and besides, it is very easy to wash out with water. Aqua make-up is an image applied to skin tissues with the support of specialized paints that do not irritate them and do not contain toxic or harmful components.

Aqua makeup is a water-based, oil-free cosmetic paints. Essentially, face painting is a symbiosis of oily affected make-up – as a method of treatment, watercolors (by the method of application) and ordinary cosmetic products in terms of consumer quality and harmlessness, when using a branded certified face painting.

The history of the origin of face painting

Face painting is one of the oldest arts that people formed. From such drawings, one could, of course, realize which tribe / tribe the individual belongs to, what is his hobby, whether the people are in the ranks of hostilities, and with whom. Similarly, make-up characterized the hierarchy, drove away malevolent spirits, and by and large – was the same common phenomenon of life, just like clothing today. Artists using make-up demonstrated belonging to certain types of characters – for the State of China, for example, there were traditionally only five fundamental roles, and each person had a personal canonized make-up. The manipulation of artisans in classical theater was built on relative techniques of expressiveness, on stylized movements, and gestures. Without the use of makeup, hardly anyone will be able to imagine a clown or a jester. Founded in the sixties of the past century by the leading European manufacturers of cosmetics, aqua make-up has become widespread and captured the older and children’s audience in the Russian Federation just ten to fifteen years ago.

Face drawings

Aqua make-up on faces is used, then, to entertain children at children’s parties, it is used by well-deserved theater actors and clowns, face painting, rich and very beautiful drawings on the face, – the opportunity to take children and adults in child’s clubs, on stage performances and in huge trading establishments. Aqua-make-up, due to its ease of use and affordability of purchase, has appeared in every modern home in order to give children pleasant moments.

Face painting photo

Here are photo examples of pictures made by face painting. And also the stage-by-stage execution of pictures. Face painting for children and adults. Photo face painting for boys and girls.


The components of the mixture differ depending on the manufacturer. But, the mixture is always natural. Only dyes can be artificial. At the same time, they are safe for health, like pigments for tattoos, components of lipsticks, eye shadows and other cosmetics.

The main composition of face painting (in addition to water) is as follows:

  • Calcium carbonate. It is a mixture of the element with carbonic acid. Carbonate is the basis of chalk, calcite, eggshell. It is no secret that they are good for the body and strengthen bones. There is no harm from the external use of face painting for children. Photos of works, as well, only please.
  • It belongs to trihydric alcohols, captures water molecules. This property makes the substance an excellent moisturizer. There is even a glycerin skin cream. So, buying face painting is akin to purchasing cosmetics.
  • It is a mixture of mineral oils and hard paraffins. The substance forms a thin film on the skin, which also retains moisture in it. But, the main role of Vaseline in water makeup is its easy distribution over the body.
  • Stearyl alcohol. It is stearic acid, but saturated with hydrogen. The substance, like glycerin, is found in cosmetics. Stearyl facilitates the distribution of creams on the skin, evaporating during application. This is the case with face painting. Paints remain, but alcohols evaporate.
  • A mixture similar to wax is a mixture of alkanes, that is, saturated hydrocarbons. Their harmlessness is evidenced by the existence of paraffin masks and baths, offered even in beauty salons.

WHAT SHOULD AQUAGRIM PAINT LOOK LIKE? And what else do you need to work?

I paint face painting only with professional paints TAG (Australia) and DIAMOND FX (Netherlands). The products are registered in Rospotrebnadzor for children and adults, they are environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic (there are quality certificates).

This is how my face painting paints and other materials necessary for work look like – brushes, sponges, stencils, rhinestones, etc. (the case is periodically replenished).

Often, glitter and rhinestones are used for greater decoration of the picture!

Rhinestones are self-adhesive (if necessary, they are very easy to remove) and glued to a special glue (from the category of cosmetic, absolutely safe for children’s skin). Rhinestones last longer on glue. It will not be difficult to remove it, a thin film remains at the attachment site, if you rub it a little or steam it in the bathroom, everything will be perfectly removed.